ABOUT US – Introducing Tectum Verlag

Tectum Verlag was founded by Dr Heinz-Werner Kubitza in 1992. From the beginning, Tectum has focused on publishing academic literature from the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Only those titles that are provably qualified are added to the academic programme. Tectum offers postgraduate students and emerging academics a professional basis for publishing their works and research results.

Furthermore, Tectum has a small but mighty popular science programme. The book Der größte Raubzug der Geschichte (“The Biggest Raid in History”) by Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik, published in 2012, was on the important SPIEGEL best-seller list for eighty weeks and even reached the second rank. manager magazin elected it economics book of the year 2013.

Tectum Verlag has published about 4,000 titles by now, most of them also as e-books. Almost all titles published since the foundation of Tectum Verlag are still available.

On 1 January 2017, Tectum Verlag demised to Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft. The main focus of Tectum will remain the publication of academic literature, and with its own academic platform, the Tectum eLibrary, the publishing house extends the electronic dissemination of this programme.