Tectum eLibrary – Knowledge and Society

The Tectum eLibrary is the publisher's way of providing easy access to published material from the fields of Law, Politics, Economics, Media & Communication Studies, History, Sociology, Education Research, Cultural Science, EU Studies, Health Science, Philosophy and Religion. Currently, the portal contains 622 monographs, 70 anthologies, journals, handbooks und textbooks.

All registered users can keep up to date on current releases via our alerting service1 at no extra charge. less more

For Researchers and University Students

An easy-to-use search function allows scholars and students to access current research results and keep abreast of the latest advances in academics. The complete bi-lingual platform is continuously refined and developed. Bibliographical data, contents indices and abstracts for all materials in the Tectum eLibrary are freely available. Contents from books and magazines that have been subscribed to by your institution can be retrieved in-full as PDF files. References can be made easily using the standard citation software.

For Libraries

The Tectum eLibrary can be integrated perfectly into existing academic libraries: automatic authentication via IP identifier (with the option of using access codes) allows for rapid access; MARC Records ensure integration in the library OPAC; link resolvers guarantee library-specific access and statistics based on the COUNTER standard make it spossible to evaluate usage.

The user interface can be just as easily searched using Discovery Services as using the standard search engines, so that maximum visibility of the titles is guaranteed here as well.

The principle behind the Tectum eLibrary is to provide a purchasing model with no extra costs (such as hosting or usage fees). Titles that have been purchased once are made available permanently and for unlimited parallel usage. Open Access offers exist for both journal and book contents.