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Alptekin Erkollar (Ed.)

Enterprise & Business Management, page I - VIII

A Handbook for Educators, Consultants, and Practitioners

1. Edition 2017, ISBN print: 978-3-8288-3814-7, ISBN online: 978-3-8288-6842-7,

Series: Enterprise & Business Management, vol. 3

Tectum, Baden-Baden
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Alptekin Erkollar (Ed.) Enterprise & Business Management Alptekin Erkollar (Ed.) Enterprise & Business Management. A Handbook for Educators, Consultants, and Practitioners, Volume 2016 / 17 © Tectum Verlag – ein Verlag in der Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden Baden, 2017 ISBN: 978-3-8288-6842-7 ISSN: 2191-3978 (Dieser Titel ist zugleich als gedrucktes Werk unter der ISBN 978-3-8288-3814-7 im Tectum Verlag erschienen.) Umschlagabbildung: © | Vladitto Umschlaggestaltung: Heike Amthor, Fernwald Satz und Layout: Heike Amthor, Fernwald Besuchen Sie uns im Internet Bibliografische Informationen der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek verzeichnet diese Publikation in der Deutschen National bibliografie; detaillierte bibliografische Angaben sind im Internet über abrufbar. Alptekin Erkollar (Ed.) Enterprise & Business Management A Handbook for Educators, Consultants, and Practitioners, Volume 2016 / 17 Tectum Verlag IV DEDICATION This one’s for Prof. Dr. Dundar Kocaoglu, Founding Chair and Professor Emeritus, Department of Engineering and Technology Management, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA, and President and CEO, Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET). Professor Kocaoglu retired this year after 40 years in academia. He was not just a professor giving courses, he gave students visions, supported them always and helped them starting a new chapter in their lives. His PICMET conference has become an annual one, held at different locations in the world; bringing together experts and defining the directions of technology management for decades. Dundar, thank your for your absolutely exceptional work on technology management and the traces that you left! ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For the development of this publication thanks to the scientific team of ETCOP (DDr. Anna Stein, Dr. Siegfried Begun and their teams) for the excellently done project management and coordination with the board of reviewers. Thanks to my Co-editor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Birgit Oberer, for an excellent critical review and a well-defined quality assurance program implemented firstly for this volume of our Enterprise & Business Management series. Special thanks to the honorary international board of reviewing professors from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, England and Austria. V AUTHORS ALPTEKIN ERKOLLAR (ed.) Department of Management Information Systems Sakarya University, Turkey MEHMET ADAK Department of Economics Yalova University, Turkey CUNEYT AKAR Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Bandirma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey SHI-SHUENN CHANG Department of Engineering NTU, Taiwan İKRAM DAŞTAN Department of Management Yalova University, Turkey ANDOR DAROW Department of Management Information Systems NBA, Bulgaria TAHSİN ENGİN Technology Development Zone Sakarya University, Turkey ÖZLEM EFİLOĞLU KURT Department of Computer Technologies Yalova University, Turkey RUSTAM GAMZAYEV Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies National Technical University »Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute«, Ukraine ECE İŞEL Technology and Academy Directorate Havelsan, Turkey STEPHEN G. LAMBACHER School of Social Informatics Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan SİMA NART Faculty of Business Sakarya University, Turkey BIRGIT OBERER Sakarya Business School Sakarya University, Turkey İZZET GÖKHAN ÖZBİLGİN Technology and Academy Directorate Havelsan, Turkey BRYCE ROWAN Data Science Department AIC, Australia VI Authors VOLODYMYR SOKOL Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies National Technical University »Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute«, Ukraine VLADYSLAV SOKOL Academy Smart, Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine NENAD STANKOVIC Information Systems University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, Croatia MYKOLA TKACHUK Department of Software Engineering and Management National Technical University »Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute«, Ukraine and Department of Systems and Technologies Modeling, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine İBRAHİM TOPAL Social Science Institute Sakarya University, Turkey AYKUT HAMİT TURAN School of Management Sakarya University, Turkey ERAY TÜZÜN Technology and Academy Directorate Havelsan, Turkey INGEBORG ZULECHNER IT Department ACM Munich, Germany VII TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface 1 Bryce Rowan | Birgit Oberer Lesson ticker: Technology Management 5 Birgit Oberer Lesson ticker: Software Engineering 9 Alptekin Erkollar | Andor Darow | Ingeborg Zulechner Lesson ticker: Knowledge Management 17 Alptekin Erkollar | Birgit Oberer Lesson ticker: Innovation Management 25 Shi-Shuenn Chang | Alptekin Erkollar Lesson ticker: Social Media Management 33 Nenad Stankovic | Stephen G. Lambacher Knowledge, Learning, and Skills in Software Systems Development 37 İbrahim Topal | Sima Nart | Cuneyt Akar Online Consumers Engagement on Facebook Brand Pages The Case of The Automobile Industry 109 Aykut Hamit Turan Electronic Medical Records Implementation Success: Proposal of a Success Model 141 VIII Mehmet Adak Innovative Developments and Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey 171 Özlem Efiloğlu Kurt | İkram Daştan The Role of New Technologies in Innovation 215 Mykola Tkachuk | Vladyslav Sokol | Rustam Gamzayev | Volodymyr Sokol Towards an Efficient Usage of IT-Service Management Systems in Business Organizations: Knowledg-Based Methods, Software Tools and Case-Study Results 249 Ece İşel | Eray Tüzün | İzzet Gökhan Özbilgin Investigating the Role of Product Manager in Software Product Organizations 293 Tahsin Engin | Alptekin Erkollar Innovation and Technology Transfer in EMEA Region – a Success Story from 1001 Nights 311

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The development of information technology has sped up the importance of management information systems, which is an emerging discipline combining various aspects of informatics, information technology and business management. Understanding the impact of information on today’s organisations requires technological and managerial views, which are both offered by management information systems.

This publication takes an interest in the cooperation of business management and management information systems. Its contributions focus on both research areas and practical approaches, in turn showing novelties in the area of enterprise and business management. Main topics covered in this book are technology management, software engineering, knowledge management, innovation management and social media management. This book adopts an international view, combines theory and practice, and is authored for researchers, lecturers, students as well as consultants and practitioners.